Four Parties, Coming Right Up!


We are very excited to reveal the themes our four bloggers have chosen for their Thai evenings. We’ve got glitz, we’ve got glamour, we’ve got Muay-Thai and we’ve got parties galore!

Let’s start with the girls:

Angel – New Moon Party in Cape Phangnan
Angel has promised us a little piece of Thailand right here in Cape Town. She’s got some big things up her sleeve that we can’t share just yet, but think Muay-Thai and all the associated drama. And that’s just scratching the surface. There will be punching, there will be kicking, there will be laughing and there will be much feasting!

These guys may or may not be at Angel’s party – she has some awesome ideas.

Robyn – Thailand Vogue
Robyn is extending her fashion knowledge and know-how all the way to Thailand. In this East meets West mash-up, we’ve got Hollywood meeting Bangkok, London meeting Phuket and a whole lot of pretty people meeting Simply Asia. It’s going to be exciting, it’s going to be crazy and it’s going to be as fashionable as can be!

Robyn wants a tiger at her party. Anyone have a tiger just lying around that Robyn could use? Yes…? No…?


And let’s not forget the boys:

Bangers And Nash – The Greatest Thai Dinner in the world EVER
Our boy Dan knows how to party. He wrote the textbook, became a professor and gives classes on it at Bangers and Nash University. He has promised us nothing less than the best dinner ever to hit the face of the earth. Ever. In an interesting move, he’s opened up his process to the fans, encouraging them to help him decide just how he spends his budget and what he’s going to do with it. Think you can help him out? Go check out his blog!

We’ve seen quite a few interesting (read questionable) ideas coming from Dan’s idea crowdsourcing initiative.


Mike – Thighland Thursday? …we think.
Mike is our dark horse. He’s tall, good-looking and mysterious and he’s promised something the likes of which we cannot imagine the likes of which… Our minds are racing here at Simply Asia trying to imagine just what Thighland Thursday could be. What ever it is, you know that with Mike Sharman at the wheel it is going to be something spectacular.

Mike… Thighland… That’s about all we can say, as Mike has been rather *hush hush* about his party plans.


And if following these four bloggers attempt to win a trip to Thailand isn’t enough, remember that you and a friend could also be jetting off for the trip of a lifetime. All you have to do is order a main meal at Simply Asia, fill out a form and put it in the box in-store. It can’t be easier.


It’s time to think Thai for a change!