Support & Training

We provide intensive training for our Franchisees which encompasses practical on the job training as well as theoretical training. This training will incorporate many elements, most of which is outlined in the Operations Manual and is the basis of your day-to-day management tasks.

The training provided is extensive and sufficiently comprehensive to ensure that a new Franchisee is familiar with every aspect of the business prior to opening. The Franchisee must have the ability to train subsequent/replacement staff at a level of efficiency sufficient to ensure the communication and maintenance of all of Simply Asia standards.

It is for the reasons outlined above that new Franchisees should prepare themselves for a possible 5 weeks of training and make adequate provision, both social and financial, for this period.
Throughout the training phase, the Franchisee will be monitored for development. Any shortfalls/inadequacies will be addressed on an on-going basis. Development will be monitored on all aspects, from cleaning the grills to customer communication and relations.

Only once the Franchisee has been certified as fully competent in all areas will he be permitted to commence operation of his own restaurant and, even then, with the initial watchful eye of his regional Store Opening Team.

There is no doubt that the level of competence the management of an outlet exhibits is the critical success factor of any Simply Asia store.

All matters considered, no outlet will be permitted to commence trading until such time as all affected departments and/or divisions within Simply Asia have confirmed that they are completely satisfied that all of the Franchisor’s pre-opening requirements have been met. This confirmation must be in writing as laid down by Simply Asia and signed by the Franchisee as proof that they have received the applicable input.