Support & Training

The Simply Asia Franchisor has a support structure in place to assist the franchise in both the operations and marketing of their business. We offer franchisees regular updates and advice on how to make their business run more smoothly and efficiently. Specialised labour is also taken care of with the use of an authentic Thai chef being employed and managed by the Franchisor.

We provide intensive training for all our new franchisees which encompasses practical on-the-job training as well as theoretical training. This training will incorporate many elements, most of which is outlined in the Operations Manual and is the basis of your day-to-day management tasks.

The training provided is extensive and sufficiently comprehensive to ensure that a new franchisee is familiar with every aspect of the business prior to opening and includes the following:

  • Safety and security
  • Marketing
  • Cleaning and hygiene
  • Restaurant maintenance
  • Industrial relations
  • Product preparation and presentation
  • Inventory management
  • General business and financial management
  • Customer care