A history of spring rolls and other traditional Thai favourites

18 January 2019


Thai food is known for its unusual complexity. Salty, sweet, sour, spicy and even bitter flavours are woven into a symphony of taste that delights the senses. To understand how these seemingly disparate elements are brought together in harmony, we must take a journey into the history of Thai...

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Chopsticks: a quick history and how to use-guide

03 December 2018


History: the evolution of food-eating The word “chopsticks” stems from a Chinese term, kuàizi, which roughly translates as “quick bamboo” – in other words: bamboo implements for quick eating! Today, chopsticks are the primary eating-tool across China, Korea, Japan and many parts of...

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The world’s biggest water fight: Thai New Year in Chiang Mai

07 November 2018

  Thai New Year – also known as Songkran – is a festival unlike anything else in the world. While this occasion is celebrated across neighbouring South and East Asian countries, the festivities in Chiang Mai, Thailand, are a must-have experience. With an incredible mixture of sacred...

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