The world’s biggest water fight: Thai New Year in Chiang Mai

07 November 2018

Thai New Year – also known as Songkran – is a festival unlike anything else in the world. While this occasion is celebrated across neighbouring South and East Asian countries, the festivities in Chiang Mai, Thailand, are a must-have experience. With an incredible mixture of sacred tradition and...

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• Crazy Rich Asians: what’s with all the hype?

03 September 2018


Media across the world are buzzing about a new blockbuster release, Crazy Rich Asians. A Hollywood “romcom” might not seem like anything special, but this movie is different. Not only it is the first Hollywood movie in 25 years to feature an all Asian cast, but its entire production has centred...

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15 August 2018

What to pack for Thailand

Thailand is a country with a climate as diverse as its culture. Packing can be stressful with any travelling experience – especially when you’re heading to a far-off land very different from your own. But not to worry! We’ve assembled some fantastic tips on what to pack and how to pack it, so...

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