The Ultimate Chopsticks Challenge on Expresso Morning Show

02 July 2014


This week on Expresso Morning Show the competition between Ewan and Katlego heats up again as we challenge the presenters' chopsticks skills. Ewan had a score to settle after Katlego schooled him the last time the two met in our Tongue Thai'd Quiz. The rules of the challenge were simple - follow...

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Healthy Eating and Exercising with Expresso Morning Show

27 June 2014


This week on Expresso Morning show, our independent dietician, Annelie Smith, discussed the medicinal properties and health benefits of certain Thai ingredients, particularly those used in some of our dishes. Annelie discussed how ingredients, in particular herbs such as ginger, coriander,...

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Wokking up a…Thai Butternut Curry

20 June 2014


It was all about the Wok on this week's Simply Asia segment on SABC 3's Expresso Morning Show. Chef Lucky is back in the kitchen with Expresso Chef Katelyn, as Katelyn gives advise on what is the best kind of wok to buy, how to burn and care for your wok, Chef Lucky demonstrates a few wokking...

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Expresso Morning Show Presenters get a little Tongue Thai’d

13 June 2014


This week on SABC3's Expresso Morning Show, we put the super competitive presenters Ewan Strydom and Katlego Maboe up against each other in the ultimate Simply Asia Tongue Thaid quiz. Tongue twisters, tasting games and figuring out which Thai name belongs to which dish are what we challenged the...

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We’re giving Expresso Morning Show a Taste of Thai

05 June 2014


For 13 weeks we'll be giving the SABC3 Expresso Morning Show and their presenters a taste of Thai. Every Wednesday morning, we'll be doing cooking demonstrations, food tastings, challenges for the presenters and viewer competitions. In our first segment, Ewan Strydom took the Expresso viewers...

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