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The Songkran Festival, held during April, marks the beginning of the Thai New Year. It’s a time to wash away the negativity from the year before, spread goodwill and celebrate new beginnings.

Songkran, a word derived from the Sanskrit term for “astrological passage”, is traditionally celebrated in Thailand as a time of change and transformation. It marks the shifting of the seasons and encourages everyone to build new connections and bonds with friends, family and others in the community. Often called the “Water Festival”, it involves the use of water (often plenty of it) to rinse away sorrows and regrets, and welcome new opportunities and possibilities.

Look forward, give back.

As we celebrate Songkran and mark the arrival of the Thai New Year, Simply Asia has added a selection of brand-new dishes to our menu. Like our other offerings, these dishes are packed with flavour and prepared with fresh, wholesome ingredients that offer a wide range of health benefits. And they can be made to order with a choice of protein options, enabling you to maintain your lifestyle and dietary choices even when you’re eating on the go.

But beyond embarking on a new flavour adventure, we’re also offering you an opportunity to do good, in the Songkran spirit of giving and spreading goodwill to others.


We will donate R10 to a very worthy cause – on your behalf – every time you order one of our new dishes. It’s such a simple way to make a difference.

Introducing the SAME Foundation.

For this year’s Songkran initiative, Simply Asia has partnered with the S.A Medical & Education (SAME) Foundation. This exceptional NGO will receive R10 for every Songkran dish ordered and enjoyed by our customers between the 4th of March and 30th of April 2019.

We’re confident that this will add up to a generous donation towards the SAME Foundation’s healthcare projects, which supply hospitals and clinics in under-privileged areas with the medical equipment they desperately need to care for the large communities that use these facilities.

Our money is in good hands – because the SAME Foundation has completed more than 60 life-changing healthcare and educational projects in poverty-stricken communities over the past 16 years; and built a solid reputation for being reliable and using its funds effectively.

Keen to explore new flavours and enrich lives?

When you order one of the following dishes between the 4th of March and 30th of April 2019, Simply Asia will automatically donate R10 to the SAME Foundation, at no extra cost to you.


329 = Wok Fried Red Curry (Phad Prik Geang Phed)
Pineapple, tomato and your choice of protein in a red curry sauce, served with jasmine rice.


543 = Linguine Green Curry (Linguine Geang Khew Wharn)
Linguine pasta wokked with your choice of protein and a combination of mixed peppers, onion, carrots and spring onion in a green curry and stir fry sauce. Served with your choice of noodles.


544 = Five Spice Ramen Noodle (Kheuy Tieow Nam Tuun)
Thai five spice and fish sauce flavoured broth with your choice of protein and fried garlic, bean sprouts, spring onion and celery, topped with a hard-boiled egg. You choose from a range of noodle options.


545 = Thai Spice Ramen Noodle (Kheuy Tieow Nam Tom Yum Thai)
Thai spices and fish sauce flavoured broth with your choice of protein and fried garlic, bean sprouts, spring onion and ground peanuts, topped with hard-boiled egg. You choose from a range of noodle options.


For more information on this life-changing initiative, visit here.
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